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Vacuum systems for Bose Einstein Condensates

ColdQuanta's range of products is designed to simplyfy and expedite the production of Bose-Einstein Condensates. [read more...]

Highly Sensitive Gas Detection

GASERA ONE is a photoacoustic multi-gas analyzer that serves a wide variety of research and industrial applications. It combines the best of both worlds in the detector and the light source sides. The unmatched performance of GASERA ONE is based on a photoacoustic infrared spectroscopy engine with a patented ultra-sensitive cantilever pressure sensor. [read more...]

Quantum Cascade Lasers, 5.3 to 13.3µm

The tunable LaserTune Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) from Block Engineering are now available in several versions with tuning ranges 250, 500, 750 and 1000 cm-1 to be choosen in the overall wavelength range 5.3 - 13.3 µm.  [read more...]

Eyewear against Laser Attacks

Attacks with lasers on people in public service, such as police officers or pilots have been unfortunately increasing. Today it is possible to purchase almost any laser pointer with harmful output powers. Based on various incidents Switzerland has equipped its police force with suitable laser safety eyewear.

In addition to security personnel everyone can benefit from these light weight goggles that offer a wide adjustment range.
 [read more...]

Optical Profiler for 3D Imaging

Zeta's patented Z-DotTM technology enables researchers and production managers to create true-color, 3D images of sub-micron surface features for measurement applications in High-Brightness LEDs, Solar Cells, Biotech, and Magnetic Storage Media. The Z-Dots enable the system software to rapidly identify features within the plane of focus to create accurate 3D surface maps of Patterned Sapphire Substrates, Surface Textures, Microfluidic Channels, and Micro-machining defects. [read more...]

Laser Based Particle Sizing

The particle sizing systems from PSS have gained an excellent reputation on the market since the companies foundation. Especially within industries that depend on knowing the size of the particles they produce. Since one single larger particle can cause lots of damage the reliability of these systems has been the key to their success.  Thanks to their large measuring range they are suitable for many different applications. [read more...]

High Precision Laser Wavemeter

For measuring the wavelength of a laser instruments with high repeatability and high resolution are needed. In both disciplines, the LW-10 by Resolution Spectra offer very high values, thus making this wavemeter an indispensable tool in working with lasers. [read more...]

New SLM Systems by Meadowlark

Meadowlark Optics just released two brand new SLM Models. One is the large format SLM from the XY Series. It offers 1920 x 1152 pixel resolution and a very high speed of up to 714 Hz. It is the most advanced SLM to date.
The second model is the new E-Series. To be able to offer SLMs to a broader audience Meadowlark left out some features of the high end models but kept the same high quality. The result is the entry level E-Series SLM. [read more...]

Compact process Raman spectrometers

Today Raman spectroscopy is not limited to scientific applications anymore and has found its way into the fields of process monitoring and on site chemical analysis.
Not needing the flexibility of high end Raman systems means that for most specific tasks one excitation wavelength and a medium resolution are sufficient. Far more important criteria are low costs, portability and easy handling. This combination is the great advantage of fiber coupled Raman analyzers from TSI[read more...]