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Precision Stages

The high-precision positioning stages from Xeryon have earned an excellent reputation in the user community. This is certainly due to features such as extremely low manufacturing tolerances, almost noiseless positioning and minimal vibrations. [read more...]

Multi Beam Marking Systems

Laser marking has long been the standard for all kinds of labeling applications. and cycle times and quality are decisive for a successful integration. With SLM-based mask imaging technology, Qiova was able to dramatically increase both factors. [read more...]

Rugged portable FBG Interrogator

Wherever the statics are exposed to major stresses or where safety is a top priority (e.g. bridges), sensors with fiber bragg gratings (FBG) are embedded. These fiber sensors must be read out on a regular basis. To have a readout device that is compact, robust and above all, battery-operated is a great benefit. [read more...]

Fast Liquid Sample Analysis

The tunable LaserTune Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) from Block Engineering are now available in several versions with tuning ranges 250, 500, 750 and 1000 cm-1 to be choosen in the overall wavelength range 5.3 - 13.3 µm.  [read more...]

Roughness Assurance Gauge

The brand new measuring device from 4D Technology allows fast and precise measurements of roughness and waviness during and after the coating process. All that with nanometer accuracy. [read more...]

Tablet Coating Analysis

In tablet manufacturing, a precisely controlled process is extremely important in order to achieve consistent results. The coating, in particular, is of great importance because it significantly influences the properties of the tablets. In order to be able to control the coating process precisely, Phyllon offers a highly accurate measuring device based on OCT, which can be flexibly integrated into the production process. [read more...]

Ultra Narrow Band CW Laser

Narrow-band, compact, tunable and fiber-coupled laser diodes with line widths up to 80 Hz or 1 Hz depending on the model. Wavelengths can be selected from the range of 650 - 2000 nm. [read more...]