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ERT and ECT systems for process tomography

Process tomography can be used for online measurement and visualization of different  processes in process columns, tanks and pipelines. For this purpose the process vessel or pipe is equipped in several measurement planes with electrodes. ERT and ECT are tomographic techniques that measure the  resistance (ERT) and the capacity (ECT) between the electrodes. As a result  the distribution of substances/phases of interest in the measurement plane is visualized via the different electrical conductivity/capacity. Typical applications are:

  • Mixing processes
  • Crystallisations, Filtrations, Separation Processes
  • Level detection on diffuse interfaces
  • Multiphase Flows, oil, water, gases
  • Pneumatic Conveying

Pictures on the upper right side show a mixing process in a demonstration vessel comparing the ERT measurement with optical images.

Industrial Tomography Systeme ITS offers its tomographical systems with different ERT and ECT sensors, linear and circular, adapted to the individual process application respectively

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