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Optical Patternator

In order to achieve a certain air/fuel mixing or special droplet sizes sophisticated spray nozzles are used in automotive and aironautics industry and in medicine. For characterization of these nozzles En'Urga offers a high frequency optical "Patternator" model SetScan. It works on the principle of optical extinction tomography with several laser diodes and cameras lined up in one plane.

This technique allows to measure the distribution of the spray and in addition gives a quantitative measure of the spray volume. In this way spray operation with the nozzles can be optimized.

The patternator is a valuable tool for quality control of nozzle production done with EDM or laser. Due to its compact shape it is already used for online measurement in the industry.

It comes with a proven software package for data validation and visualization as well as ample documentation

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Dr. Wolf-Dieter Wagner

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