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Optical Particle Sizing System from 1nm - 400µm

With over 25 years experience in particle measurement, PSS (Particle Sizing Systems) has developed suitable measurement methods for various applications for laboratory use, as well as for process control. Depending on the measuring task, various optical methods are used to determine the particle size distribution. The use of a patented " autodiluters " allows a simple automated measurement.

Two system classes are offered:


  • For the measurement of nanoparticles in the range of 0.1 nm - 5µm, the modular NICOMP 380 device, dynamic light scattering (DLS ) is used. The evaluation is performed at monomodal distributions corresponding to a Gaussian distribution and at polymodal or asymmetric distributions corresponding to a Nicomp distribution. The zeta potential is a measure of the electrostatic repulsion of the particles and important for the stability of colloids. It is determined by the electrophoretic mobility by light scattering (ELS) . The NICOMP 380/ZLS combines both measurement types in one compact device.    
  • Industrial production processes are often dependent on the precise tracking of particle sizes including possible outliers outside the expected distribution. For these cases, the ACCUSIZER models provide reliable data by single particle measurement in the laser focus. The measuring range is from 150nm - 400μm, with an accuracy in the particle size measurement by 2%.

If you provide us with an appropriate sample, we are happy to show you the measurement of the particle size distribution.