PSS AccuSizer A2000

The Accusizer A2000 is designed to be a flexible platform for counting particles in all types of liquids: aqueous and organic, viscous and non-viscous.
The A2000 can count particles in large liquid volumes, with room for 1 liter beakers. In addition, the A2000 can perform precise dilutions too. This capability allows one to test dirty, contaminated fluids that normally have particle counts that exceed the sensor concentration limits.

Built into a single cabinet, the A2000 is a compact particle counter that can be used to test hydraulic oils, water, and other liquids. Oils up to 100 cP can be analyzed by the A2000.

The one pump Version of the A2000 directly draws sample through the sensor without any dilution. This is ideal for low concentration contamination applications. For higher concentration samples, like perhaps oil from gear boxes, a second pump version is available where the second pump introduces clean diluent to reduce the concentration below the coincidence limit. This offers the most flexible liquid particle counter configuration; direct measurement for low concentration samples, and automatic dilution when required for higher concentration samples.

The LE-400 sensor in the A2000 is a combination light obscuration and scattering sensor with a wide dynamic range from 0.4 – 500 µm with sensitivity to the ppt level and up to 9000 particles/mL. The sensor can be calibrated with either latex spheres or AC test dust.

The counter is a fast pulse height analyzer with up to 512 channels. This additional resolution may help identify the source of certain contaminants.

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Dr. Wolf-Dieter Wagner

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