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PSS AccuSizer Online

Oversized particles can signal that a dispersion is unstable or that it will clog filters. Using the Accusizer 780 AD or the 780 APS, the determination of oversized particle concentrations in the quality control lab can be performed.

A failed product will have to be returned to the factory floor for further processing or junked. In either case, time and money are lost. A more efficient approach would involve in-process monitoring using the 780 OL system. The 780 OL comprises of a range of tools for a variety of in-process and online applications.

These 780 OL systems represent a range of Autodilution fluidics which can be chosen for optimal measurement of your samples. 780 OL systems can be used to monitor processes from homogenization to grinding to semiconductor CMP polishing.

The newest addition to the 780 Online family, the 780 POU Point-of-Use monitor, is a small inexpensive unit that can be used for applications that require little or no dilution. So in addition to having systems that can handle concentrated dispersions like emulsions or inks , the 780 POU adds the monitoring of contamination which will have a big impact on pharmaceutical PAT.

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