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PSS Nicomp ZLS Z3000

This combination creates a multi-tool platform for the full characterization of nano-dispersion and colloidal systems. The ZLS Z3000 features both frequency and phase analysis modes for measuring zeta potential. Combined with an electric field that can be varied from 1 to 250 Volts/cm, proteins which require gentle conditions to metal-oxide particles in organic solvents can be analyzed with one instrument. Small volume cells are available.

The Nicomp ZLS Z3000 incorporates several ways to compensate for high ionic strengths. This makes the ZLS Z3000 the tool of choice for measuring zeta potential in biological systems.

The spread of features available for sizing (multi-angle, APD detector, high-powered lasers, backscattering) and zeta potential (frequency and phase, ionic strength corrections, small volume and flow through cells) makes the Nicomp  ZLS Z3000 the most versatile instruments available for nano-particle analysis.

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Key number: 575
Dr. Wolf-Dieter Wagner

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