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This service is traceable to the PTB Braunschweig and Berlin (the National Metrological Institute). For calibration or recalibraton of all detectors a reference detector calibrated at the PTB is used.

During the calibration procedure the output signal of the customer detector is compared with the output signal of the reference detector. To eliminate inaccuracies due to laser fluctuation, a beam splitter and a monitor detector are used.

Normally the third harmonic of a YAG laser (355 nm) is used for the calibration of pyroelectrical detectors and a diode laser (880 nm) is used for all thermopile detectors. For special requirements and for detectors having a strong wavelength dependent sensitivity, it is useful to calibrate at customer wavelength.


The following lasers and wavelengths are avaiable.

Pulsed Lasers:

Nd:YAG @ 1064, 532, 355 nm

Excimer @ 308 nm

High Power laser diode @ 880 nm

Dye Laser: VIS


High Power laser diode @ 880 nm

CO2 @ 10.6 µm

Nd:YAG @ 1064 nm

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