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Laser energy and power meters

The products for laser energy - and power measurement at SOLITON are new organized.

From now on we are working together with different partners. The advantage for our customers is that we can offer for their application and needs always the best individual solution.

Following products / service is available:

  1. High power measurement up to 12 kW for industrial applications
  2. Laser power measurement based thermal detectors
  3. Laser energy measurement based on pyroelectrical detectors
  4. OEM Solutions (pyroelectrical / thermal)
  5. Compact power sensors (thermal) for integration
  6. Calibration traceable to the PTB (the National Metrological Institute)
  7. Beam profiler 
  8. THz detectors (pyroelectrical)

For sure we will take care of the support and service (incl. warranty) for  all detectors and systems which we delivered in the past. Please contact our service or the responsible sales engineer.