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Laser Diode Driver

MW Technologies’ Compact Laser Diode Driver (cLDD) is a compact all-in-one unit designed for convenience of use, and combines a user interchangeable mount for a laser diode, SLED, SOA or similar device, a current driver and a TEC controller, all in a self-contained enclosure of superb design and engineering.
The product includes a USB port and a software control application with a graphical user interface (GUI) for real-time device monitoring, control and data logging, and can be operated:

  • stand-alone, using the built-in display/keypad to monitor and change operation mode and set points for current, power and temperature, or
  • connected to a computer via its USB port and fully controlled by the included software control application that provides a virtual instrument user interface offering configuration and real-time control, readouts and data logging.

The application allows for the input of all necessary device configurations including alarm and safety parameter values. The cLDD incorporates a number of hardware device protection features like slow current ramp-up. Further, current and temperature safety limits can be preset for each specific device. The ability to externally modulate the cLDD current is also standard.
The cLDD is used with either a 14 pin Butterfly mount (provided with Type I, Type II and custom pin out routing boards) and/or a DIL mount. The mounts are user-interchangeable and are sold separately from the base unit. The cLDD can be mounted horizontally or vertically, using provided parts.

Key features at a glance   

  • Self-contained enclosure combines and incorporates:
    • Device mount (for Butterfly or DIL DL/SLED/SOA, user-interchangeable
    • Device current driver and TEC driver
    • Sophisticated control electronics and firmware
  • No laser-controller and/or TEC cables required
  • External modulation capability, USB interface and control application
  • Exceptional convenience, design and engineering


  • Driving and controlling of laser diodes, SLED and SOA drivers

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