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Cleaning Nd: YAG laser

Pulsed laser beams are successfully used to remove loosely attached surface layers, without damaging the material. The cleaning effect is based on micro shock waves, which are generated by the absorption of the short laser pulses.

Main applications of this laser technology are found in different areas of industry and restoration. Especially the cleaning of valuable monuments requires a very smooth and preservative process.

The new model LT-300 features a reliable beam control through a highly flexible mirror arm. Depending on the application the laser unit can be mounted on top of the power supply or placed independantly.

Successful projects that have been carried out: 

  • marble statues in the park of Sanssouci castle
  • a statue in the jewish cemetery in Berlin
  • a 600 year old wooden chamber in Pirna
  • a chain vest from 570 a.C., state museum Stuttgart
  • front of the castle church in Jülich
  • a bronze bust, Lutherstadt Wittenberg
  • the Karls-bridge in Prag
  • statues on the Kölner Dom

The main technical applications of the laser cleaning systems are:

The cleaning of mold forms, print rollers, glue parts, and many more.

Lasertype: solid state laser
Wavelength: 1064nm
Reprate: 30Hz
Power: 10W
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Key number: 408
Dr. Wolf-Dieter Wagner

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