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Laser Micro Machining

Standing behind the Name M-Solv is by no means anyone unknown. The former founder of Exitech has gathered an experienced team of technicians around him and continues to produce special equipment for the electronic, solar and semi conductor industry. Highly interesting for thin film solar cell production are ink jet printer and laser ablation systems as well as the combination of both.

Next to traditional fields like semiconductors and electronics an increasing number of applications in medicine, sensor physics, surface techniques, analytics and biotechnology comes up. 

According to the specific task and material M-Solv has all the know how of choosing the right laser source for a machining system that is optimized in terms of result, processing speed and cost.

We process your test samples and optimize the results by choosing the best laser source for your application. 

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Typical applications:

  • edge isolation of wafer solar cells
  • P1, P2 and P3 laser processes for thinf film solar cell production
  • Laser systems for solar cell production
  • Via hole drilling in printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • Demetallisation of foils
  • Processing of medical catheters
  • Production of gratings and optical fibers
  • Micro drilling of vials for quality control
  • wafer doping inside process chambers
  • Cutting and marking of silicon wafers
  • Generating capillaries for electrophoresis
  • Laser LIGA
  • Making of micro nozzles
  • Structuring of sensors