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Diode Laser 375 - 785nm

These diode laser modules stand for exceptional beam quality, high output power and very stable signal combined in an ultra compact case.

The temperature stabilization via peltier elements and the power stability are micro processor controlled.

The lasers can be used as cw sources for spectroscopic applications like photoluminescence exitation or pulsed for digital process in the print industry environment. Now available for the cw versions are new attachments for line width reduction of the diodes. Some models are build for coherence-length larger than 10 meters.

Interfaces with indutrial standards facilitate the integration in existing systems. Since all vital cooling parts are build into the laser head, the laser can be operated almost out of the box. The small package of only 100 x 40 x 40mm┬│ (l x w x h) further simplifies the upgrade of existing gas lasers to this solid state technology.

All models are available in pigtailed fiberversion too. A FC/AFC-connector will be offered.


wavelength: 375; 395; 405; 420; 445; 473; 488; 515; 642; 660; 675; 685 und 785nm

outputpower: up to 250 mW (depending on model)

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