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CW Fiberlaser, high polarization

The fiberlasersystem KKFL-20 is the first step for KIMMON KOHA to start into the materials processing world of lasers. A key issue of the introduced laser is it´s polarization level. Because of this the CW-laser is predicted to use for frequency doubling or trippling. Nevertheless 20 Watt outputpower is also interesting for marking, soldering or welding.

Lasertype: fiber laser
Power: 20 Watt

wavelength: 1064nm

outputpower: > 20W

beam quality M²: < 1.1

polarization: > 250:1, linear

line width: < 0.1nm

noise: < 1% RMS (1Hz - 10MHz)

power stability: < +/- 1%/8 hours

fiber output: PM-fiber, collimated beam

Additional Information
Key number: 70
Markus Manus

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