Continuum Surelite ns Nd:YAG Laser

Surelite Nd:YAG lasers from Continuum provide proven high performance and reliability. Over 5.000 Surelites are in operation throughout the world today in scientific, industrial and medical applications.

Key features of Surelite Nd:YAG lasers  are efficient pumping chamber design, proprietary Q-switch technology, Gaussian mirror-coupled resonator for optimum energy extraction and use of Amplitudes diffuse reflector technology.

New Surelite remote operation allows to control harmonics via PC from a simple intuitive GUI.

Options are.

  • Injection Seeding for narrow linewidth with 0.005 cm-1
  • fifth harmonic generation to 213nm
  • HEO configuration in order to optimize efficiency of frequency doubling SHG to 532 nm
  • Surelite EX with extra homogeneous beam profile for pumping of OPO and Ti:sapphire

Typical applications:

  • Pump lasers for OPO, Ti:sapphire and dye laser
  • Tattoo removal
  • Thomson scattering
  • PVD physical vapour deposition




Lasertype: solid state laser
Wavelength: 1064, 532, 355, 266 nm
Reprate: 1-50 Hz
Power: 0,5 - 8 W
Puls duration: 5-7 ns
Additional Information
Key number: 11
Dr. Wolf-Dieter Wagner

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