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High Power Picosecond Fibre Laser "Sirocco"

The picosecond fiber laser "Sirocco" from Eolite Systems is often used in laser micro maching applications. It works with "rod type" fiber amplifiers. Output power of 100W @ 1030nm and 15 to 50ps are specified.

With frequency doubling and trippling 50W (515nm) and 20W (343nm) are reached. Repetition rates can be selected from 15 to 110MHz.

The lasers have an outstanding beam quality of M²< 1.2 for all repetition rates.

Lasertype: fiber laser
Wavelength: 1030nm, 515nm, 343nm
Reprate: 15 - 110MHz
Power: max. 100W
Puls duration: 15 oder 30 ps
Additional Information
Key number: 67
Dr. Wolf-Dieter Wagner

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