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AFM and near field microscopes

Nanonics is the leading manufacturer of scanning probe microscopes (SPM) and fiber tips. We offer Nanonics full range of AFM, NSOM and SPM systems which are unmatched thanks to their extraordinary flexibility.

  • Its low profile setup and great accessibility make it ease to incorporate the SPM into most microscope systems.
  • simultaneous measurement of reflected and translucent light
  • versions for flow measurement, high vacuum and low temperatures are available.
  • a unique feature is the combination with the Renishaw micro raman spectrometer or the SEM installation.

In addition to the standard AFM tips the special fiber tips by Nanonics can be used for even more applications:

  • NSOM, fluorescence and Raman measurements
  • current, resistance and temperatures within nanometer range
  • nano pipettes provide ultra precise gas or liquid feeding (nanoPen)
  • local heating or IR exposure within nanometer range

For simple AFM measurements we offer the low priced model Academia (r) which is ideal for educational use due to its easy handling.

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