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Dynamic Interferometry

Based on a number of innovative ideas, the dynamic interferometers from 4D Technology provide high resolution measurements insensitive to the most important external disturbances: mechanical vibrations and air flow turbulences. In 4D interferometers, all phase data are acquired simultaneously. The systems can therefore operate reliably on the production floor, in clean rooms with strong air flows, in a setup with long stand-off distances, looking into environmental chambers or when being mounted to a processing machine.


PhaseCam series characteristics (Twyman-Green configuration):

  • ideal for large diameter optical components
  • availble wavelengths VIS, NIR and IR
  • multi wavelength model for segmented mirrors
  • standard and compact size models, with and without motorization
  • long and short coherence length versions

The user friendly 4Sight software platform provides instrument control, comprehensive data analysis and display. Outstanding 2D and 3D displays and even videos to visualize dynamic changes are available. Extensive Seidel-, Zernike-, geometric and diffraction analyses and much more are easy to perform. An open data format let you read, write and analyze data even of other phase shifting interferometers.


For more dynamic interferometer models see key numbers 501 and 505.

  • full measurement in as little as 30µsec
  • repeated measurements with up to 28 measurements/second
  • Twyman-Green and Fizeau configuration
  • independent of vibration and air flow turbulence
  • measure moving parts with interferometric accuracy
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