The ZETA-20 system by ZETA instruments includes a whole range of innovative features that make it possible to measure and visualize the topography of almost any surface. Thanks to the patented Z-Dot technology the surface quality of the sample does not affect the precision of the measurement and it makes no difference whether it is extremely reflective, rough, smooth, transparent or opaque.

Structures of less than 40nm can be resolved and the vertical resolution can be set in steps from 10 nm to 25mm.

Properties of ZETA-20:

  • White light LED lighting
  • 1/3 "CCD camera with 1024x768px
  • 30 fps
  • Objective turret with 5 lenses
  • autofocus
  • Up to 100mm of vertical measurement path
  • Manual or motorized XY stage (100x100mm)
  • Sophisticated software with many import / export options

Additional Information
Key number: 507
Dr. Toni Beckmann

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