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Photonically Integrated Cold Atom Source

ColdQuanta’s PICAS, Photonically Integrated Cold Atom Source, is a compact,
alignment-free package that produces a high-flux beam of laser-cooled atoms, using user-supplied, fiber-coupled light. When combined with a ColdQuanta source cell, the PICAS is easily integrated into the end user’s vacuum system through a standard CF interface, and the opto-mechanics unit can be removed during bake-out.
The PICAS employs our patent-pending, ultra-compact beam expansion system. This unit produces a rectangular beam of circularly polarized light with an approximately uniform intensity profile via a combination of cylindrical lenses and a distribution optic.
The complete system comprises two of these expander units, along with two
retro-reflection mirror units and a push beam.
All of the PICAS optical systems are pre-aligned and securely glued in place prior to cold atom testing. This approach ensures that the system is robust, immune to vibration, requires no user-alignment, and can be used in any orientation with respect to gravity.

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