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Table Top System for Generation of Bose Einstein Condensates BECs

The BEC or Ultracold Atom Table-Top System comprises of ColdQuanta’s flagship RuBECi® which lies at the heart of the system and where the cloud of cooled atoms is trapped. Also included are the required electronics, lasers, optics, and imaging equipment to create and image the cloud of ultracold atoms. The system consists of the following modules:

RuBeCi Cold Matter Cell

The RuBECi® provides the functionality normally achieved in a very large ultra-high vacuum (UHV) system having a plethora of vacuum pumps, electrical feedthroughs, large electromagnetic coils, and so on. It is a self-contained (and portable) unit that provides two UHV. The entire unit can be held in one hand. Like many of its bigger cousins, the RuBECi® utilizes two chambers, a lower one to achieve high atom number, and an upper one to maintain an ultra-high vacuum. The RuBECi® is shipped permanently under vacuum and ready to be placed into an appropriate apparatus

Physics Station

A highly sophisticated apparatus with mounts and CCD camera. The various elements within the station offer unparalleled compatibility with the RuBECI® setting the stage for rapid deployment of the system.  Providing excellent optical access and easy manipulation of the cloud the station eliminates the busy work associated with setting up a BEC

Physics Platform

A complete opto-mechanical package which includes all of the optics and hardware needed to produce BEC in a RuBECi cell, in a highly flexible configuration. The Physics Platform provides excellent optical access to atomic samples and a 2′ x 2′ breadboard upon which the user can build their own experiments. The Physics Platform does not include optics or cameras for imaging atomic samples.

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