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Versalight Polarizers

VersaLight™ is constructed of a thin layer of aluminum MicroWires® on a glass substrate and sets a new standard for applications requiring high durability, contrast and a wide field of view for visible through infrared wavelengths. VersaLight™ offers the performance quality of dichroic sheet polarizers while extending the operating temperature to 200° C.

The nature of VersaLight’s MicroWire construction allows it to perform as an exceptional polarizing beam splitter. In operation, VersaLight™ reflects one polarization state and transmits another, both with high contrast. VersaLight™ offers the broadest band and highest field of view of any polarizer material presently available. VersaLight™ can be shaped as needed and stacked to achieve very high contrast ratios.
Large aperture VersaLight™ Polarizers are available on a custom basis, up to 200mm rounds.

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