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Transmissive Spatial Light Modulators

Hex Spatial Light Modulator

Meadowlarks Optics transmissive hexagonal array SLMs are designed for adaptive optics applications. The two dimensional array of Liquid Crystal Variable Retarders acts as a real time programmable phase mask for wavefront correction of a linear polarized source.
Unwanted aberration effects are removed by introducing the opposite phase shift through the Hex SLM. The most common applications involve high-resolution imaging where viewing through an aberrant medium is unavoidable. Examples include astronomical imaging with ground-based telescopes and medical imaging through body fluids. High-energy laser users also benefit from active phase compensation for beam profile correction.
Linear Array Spatial Light Modulator

The transmissive linear array can be used to alter the temporal profile of femtosecond light pulses via computer control. These SLMs find use in other applications including Hadamard spectroscopy, optical data storage and wavefront compensation.
Spatial Light ModulatorController

Meadowlark Optics Spatial Light Modulator Controller allows for independent voltage control of up to 128 liquid crystal cells or pixels.

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