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Superchromatic Retarder

Meadowlark Optics is proud to introduce our new Precision Superachromatic Retarder - now with the broadest wavelength coverage of our entire retarder product line. These are available standard for two wavelength ranges - 420 to 1100 nm and 800 to 1700 nm - and in both quarter and half wave retardances. Custom devices are available for other wavelength ranges and retardances. Stock items are not anti-reflection coated due to the broad wavelength coverage but custom coatings can be provided.

The Superachromatic Retarders contain carefully aligned birefringent polymer sheets laminated between precision polished optically flat N-BK7 windows. While assembly is quite similar to that of our Precision Retarders, optical transmission is slightly reduced because there are more polymer layers and there is no antireflection coating.

These retarders are accurate to ± λ/50 over the entire wavelength range; we ship retardance measurements at more than 25 wavelengths accurate to ±0.001 waves with every Precision Superachromatic Retarder.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-broadband wavelength range
  • 420 to 1100 nm and 800 to 1700 nm
  • Custom wavelength ranges available
  • Custom retardances available
  • Superior field of view

Additional Information
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