CARS Laser

The CARS laser from Leukos combines the pump beam and the Stokes beam in one single laser. What is special about this laser is the broad spectrum that reaches from 532nm to 1000nm and from 1064nm to 2400nm. Through this type of broadband CARS spectroscopy, spectra are measured from 100 to over 4000 cm-1 with a single laser shot. Thanks to the sub-ns pulse length a CARS system build with this laser is very robust, compact, and relatively inexpensive. The adjustment time is reduced from days to minutes. A later  readjustment of the delay line is not necessary due to the pulse length.

A suitable delay line can be found under 'Delay Line for CARS lasers'.

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Lasertype: fiber laser
Wavelength: 523nm & 540-1000nm; 1064nm & 1080-2000nm
Puls duration: sub-ns
Additional Information
Key number: 630
Dr. Toni Beckmann

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