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Compact Raman Spectrometers

Today Raman spectroscopy is not limited to scientific applications anymore and has found its way into the fields of process monitoring and on site chemical analysis.

Not needing the flexibility of high end Raman systems means that for most specific tasks one excitation wavelength and a medium resolution are sufficient. Far more important criteria are low costs, portability and easy handling. This combination is the great advantage of fiber coupled Raman analyzers from ENWAVE Optronics.

Their product line-up ranges from laboratory systems with a fiber head like the ProRaman L to portable Raman spectrometers (EZRaman M) to the handheld system for field work (EZRaman H).

The EZRaman H features an excitation wavelength @ 785nm with a spectral resolution of 6cm-1. This is sufficient to compare Raman spectra with a database and identify molecules in the field.

Optional coupling to a Leica microscope extends the systems to a Raman-Microscope models µ-Sense