Mobile Raman Microscope

Mobile Raman Spectrometers by ENWAVE Optronics combine the high resolution of Raman microscopes with the flexibility of handheld Raman readers. Non movable objects can be measured with a resolution that was only available in the lab before. Precious pieces of art or valuable paintings can now be analyzed on site and with maximum flexibility.

The live feed from the camera in the microscope head makes positioning easy and lets the user measure even the smallest structures.

For rough positioning the carbon fiber tripod with its precision ball head is used as a first step. Once in place, the fine adjustment is made with the XYZ precision stage. Setup time is extremely short and measurements can usually start in under ten minutes (including setup).

As an option the XYZ stage can also be motorized

Available wavelengths are 532nm and 785nm, also as dual system.

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Daniel Wagner

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