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MID-IR Spectrometer

By using fast scanning  Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) Block Engineering has developped new MID-IR spectrometers that can measure  a frequency range of 1100cm-1 within several seconds. In contrary to IR lamps used in conventional IR and FTIR spectrometers QCLs have a high spectral intensity (linewidth about 1 cm-1, average power 1-3 mW) in a collimated beam. As a consequence much higher signal/noise ratios are reached and measurement times can be reduced substantially. This technique offers new possibilities in molecular spectroscopy and for process control.


LaserScope  carries a tunable QCL and a MCT Detector with electronic and spectroscopy software. It can be fitted to most IR microscopes and can be combined with some visible light microscopes. The possibility to focus down to 6 µm is a big advantage of this technique compared with standard FTIR.

Very interesting is the option to fiber  couple to an ATR sensor head


LaserScan is the first hand held spectrometer that is able to take a full MID-IR spectrum over 1100cm-1 within a few seconds. The standoff distance can be  600mm or more. A visible pointing laser targets the sample. Vapours, liquids, thin films and bulk material can be measured. 


For process applications the Block MID-IR spectromters can be hooked up to fiber coupled ATR measurement heads.


Applications:  pharma production, remote gas analysis, protein analysis, bioreactors, explosives, coatings, composite materials and many others. More applications in process control are expected.

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Dr. Wolf-Dieter Wagner

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