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Raman systems and microscopes

In cooperation with Renishaw Soliton offers flexible Raman spectrometers and microscopes performing various tasks in research and development as well as process monitoring.

The systems range from basic set ups to a fully automated system with pc controlled excitation wave alternation. The system features parallel optical paths for UV, VIS and IR.

The user can choose between new edge filters, notch and super notch filters for rayleigh line masking. 

Renishaw system specifications are:

  • InVia Raman microscopes with user friendly pc automation
  •  Lasers: Argon ion (244, 457, 488, 514 nm), HeCd (325 und 442 nm), HeNe (632 nm), Diode (785 and 830 nm)
  • Raman mapping, imaging, confocal scanning
  • combination with Nanonics AFM/NSOM
  • combination with SEM
  • Next option for spectra near exciter threshold up to 5 cm-1
  • Extended scanning for large spectra
  • Special version for forensics
  • Process Raman with various fiber heads

Additional Information
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Dr. Toni Beckmann

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