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Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors OTG Series

Opsens fiber optic temperature sensors provide second to none performance to various industries.

Our applications include animal research and/or patient monitoring in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or tomography, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance imaging (NMR) and Radio Frequency (RF) energy environments.

The OTG series sensor may also be used in cryogenic cooling of superconducting electromagnets application.

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors : OTG Series (GaAs)

OTG series fiber optics temperature sensors are designed for applications that require very focal temperature monitoring, fast response time and/or versatile sensor size packaging.

  • OTG-A
    Robust for general applications
  • OTG-F
    Particularly small size and even faster response time
  • OTG-M170
    Particularly small size and high point accuracy
  • OTG-M280
    Particularly small size, high rigidity through sheathing
  • OTG-M360
    Particularly small size, 100% sealed
  • OTG-M420
    Sensor diameter <0.5mm
  • OTG-M600
    Particularly robust by polyimide sheath
  • OTG-M3000
    Atraumatic packaging, ideal for MRI monitoring
  • OTG-MPK5
    Extremely small design, 100% sealed
  • OTG-MPK8
    Extremely robust due to PEEK shell
  • OTG-P
    Long term robustness and high performing in the harshest environments
  • OTG-Q
    Inert, completely sealed welded tip design, ideal for microwave assisted chemistry
  • OTG-R
    Accurate and reliable optical sensor design for various EED assemblies

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