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Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors OTP Series

Opsens fiber optic temperature sensors provide second to none performance to various industries.

Our applications include animal research and/or patient monitoring in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or tomography, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance imaging (NMR) and Radio Frequency (RF) energy environments.

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors : OTP Series (WLPI)

OTP Fiber optics sensors are designed for applications that require the ability to monitor temperature and other parameters with one signal conditioner at the same time and high field MR environment of 3T and above.

The WLPI (White light interferometry) technology optical temperature sensor is highly robust, offers a resolution of 0.01°C the highest in the industry and an excellent accuracy of ± 0.15°C. Using the monocrystaline birefringence crystal as temperature transduction, The OTP series does not show thermal creeping or aging assuring long term reliability.

  • OTP-A
    Robust for general applications
  • OTP-P
    Long term robustness and high performing in the harshest environments
  • OTP-M
    Designed for and completely immune to high field MRI environment of 3 Tesla and above

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